Bob’s Work in Crime, Policing and Justice.

I have strong senior management experience in the criminal justice system, locally, nationally, and internationally.

I established a local Youth Offending Team ranked as one of the highest performers in the country and have worked until recently as Director of Strategy at the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales working with ministers and senior officials and stakeholders in the criminal justice world.

In these roles I have been responsible for a large budget  and the commissioning and delivery of national programmes and services.

I have also worked at the Council of Europe and assisted other countries as diverse as Bulgaria and Canada to improve their criminal justice systems.

I know how the system works, how to communicate a strong message, negotiate, and make change happen in both urban and rural areas.

I have a record of success.

Nationally I have established thousands of successful crime prevention and restorative justice programmes, intensive programmes designed to target the most prolific and violent offenders involved in gang, knife and gun crime and worked with victims, faith and community leaders to ensure their voices are heard at a national level.


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