An Experienced Local, National and International Justice Professional

Bob has spent a lifetime working in the public and community sectors. A qualified social worker and Children’s Services Manager, Bob has spent the last 13 years specialising in crime and justice. He was one of the first Youth Offending Team managers in the country before joining the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, first as Head of Prevention and latterly as Director of Strategy. He is currently an Independent consultant in crime and justice.

During his time at the YJB, Bob was responsible for, amongst other things, the huge uplift in funding for prevention schemes, a large commissioning budget for the prevention of offending and re-offending and the recent development of resettlement consortia designed to improve services for young people leaving custody.
Bob has worked extensively across Whitehall with ministers, other government departments and with a wide group of stakeholders in the justice sector including the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the Magistrates Association, the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) and community and voluntary organisations. Bob has also worked internationally with the Council of Europe and countries as diverse as Canada and Bulgaria to improve their justice systems.
Politically Bob has been a Town and District Councillor, Town Mayor and Parliamentary Candidate.

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