Former Chief Cop backs Campaign

Charles Clark OBE, QPM, the former Deputy Chief Constable of Essex Police today outlines his support for Bob Ashford’s campaign for PCC for Avon and Somerset:

“I have known Bob Ashford since 2002 when he was given the job at the Youth Justice Board to lead the work to develop a national crime prevention strategy for the YJB. He was the outstanding candidate having been a Youth Offending Team Manager,and with previous experience working with a wide range of partners at the local level. He soon established himself as a trusted and respected figure across government departments and with the many senior partners across the country who he worked with. He has been personally responsible for channelling £’s millions into preventing youth crime which has seen a massive reduction (over 40%) in the numbers of children and young people offending and  entering the youth justice system. He has been influential in developing the national youth strategy for policing and has been an active member of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Children and Young Persons Committee, which develops policy and practice for policing. He is knowledgeable, well respected, has regard to the views of others and delivers what he says. He is a first class candidate for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner”.


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